Are all of your designs made by hand?

Yes! I started designing my beloved line of jewelry in 2014 at my mom's kitchen table. I now create all of my designs by hand using small-scale metal-smithing techniques in my mill studio in Amesbury, Massachusetts with a small + wonderful team of jewelry artisans.  Every piece is hand cut, shaped, forged, polished and assembled to ensure a high quality design. I like to pair classic aesthetics with experimental designs to create modern pieces that are playful and fresh, yet still timeless. 

What materials do you use to make your jewelry?

I create my designs with sterling silver, 14kt gold-fill and brass combined with natural gemstones, leather and quills. I have begun working with 14kt yellow and rose gold to create custom wedding bands, recycled gold disc earrings and dainty stacker rings with delicately set gemstones. Please contact me if you are interested in a custom 14kt gold design. 14kt gold-fill is made by heat- and pressure- bonding a thin layer of 14 karat gold to a brass core which makes for a more permanent bond than gold plated. I carefully select all of my materials so that each piece is beautiful and comfortable, durable and graceful.

Can I shop in person at your studio?

Yes! You can often find us working away in my mill studio space in Amesbury, Massachusetts and you are always welcome to come by for a visit, but it's best to contact me to arrange an appointment before you pop in. I also participate in the Amesbury Open Studio Tour every November and would love to have you come say hi!

My A.V.E. Jewelry isn’t Quite as Shiny as it used to be - How do I clean it?

Sterling silver and brass jewelry can acquire a soft, dark, antique-y patina over time. While I love the way this looks, you may want to keep your pieces more sparkly-shimery-shiny.  For the most part, 14kt gold-fill stays nice and bright, but sometimes it can sometimes develop a bit of tarnish where the inner brass core is exposed or touches the skin, which can easily be polished back to golden. I take pride in what I make, and each piece thoughtfully handcrafted with the intent that it will last generations. This is why I offer life-long cleaning + polishing on all of my jewelry. Please send me a note on my contact form for more information about this service.  

If you are more of a DIYer, Sunshine Polishing Cloths work well on all of the metals that I use. I often gently buff my pieces with a metal polish grade (#00-#0000) steel wool to softly bring back it’s luster and sheen. Please know that this will create a brushed texture, so use with care. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about caring for your jewelry.

I lost one of my A.V.E. Earrings - Is it possible to buy just one replacement earring?

Absolutely! I know the heartache of a lonesome single earring and I am more than happy to make it a matching pair again. The price for the replacement earring will be exactly half the price, as listed on my website.  It is helpful to have the original earring so that I can make sure I make exact match, and I also like to polish the lone earring up, all shiny and new!  Please send me a note through my contact form and I will send you more information on how to get a replacement earring.

I loved my A.V.E. Jewelry so much that I broke it - Can you fix it?

I am more than happy to repair your Amy Vander Els jewelry. Sometimes a chain link can break, a quill can bend or crack, a jump ring can split. I will gladly repair it (free of charge) within a year of purchase.  After one year, a fee may be applied. Products purchased through other A.V.E. retailers must be returned/exchanged to the retailer and are subject to the retailer’s individual store policy. Please send me a note through my contact form for more information on repairs and replacements.

Are there any stores in my area that carry the A.V.E Collection?

I hope so!  Check out my current list of stores on my stockists page to see if there is one near you.  Would you like to see A.V.E. carried in your favorite boutique?  I ALWAYS appreciate suggestions and recommendations for new boutiques and stores to partner with that have a similar aesthetic and vision – simply fill out my contact form with your recommendation and I will do my very best to make your requests happen!

What If I have A question that isn’t on the FAQ Page?

Please feel free to contact me and ask away!