Encaustic painting allows me to abstract forms in a way that is both measured and unexpected. It is planned and controlled, until it isn’t. It then becomes a tale of layers, reactions to what came before, choices about what will remain, what will be concealed, what will be revealed.

The UTILITY series investigates the relationship between man-made and free-form, geometric and natural, planning and intuition. The work is a combination of static, realistic forms and silhouettes layered with dynamic, abstract, expressively painted environments. It is said that utility is functional rather than attractive. UTILITY aims to unite the two, both function and form, and highlight the aesthetic beauty of these structures that quietly serve and connect all of us.

Informed by our natural environment, these images that have evolved out of beeswax, pigment, found materials, color and line are homages to the beauty and fragility of our world. My work is an attempt to elevate and honor quiet, overlooked moments, to revere the ignored, and find beauty in the breakdown.