As Seen On : Wendy V.E. Kaye

Is creativity learned or inherited? 

After connecting with Wendy Kaye, this month’s As Seen On feature, I asked myself this question. 

Wendy Kaye is an oil painter and shares a space in the collective Artist’s Muse in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Wendy and Amy’s studio spaces share a wall; it’s a wall that doesn’t quite meet the ceiling, allowing for ease of conversation to be volleyed between two people. 

Wendy is also Amy’s sister. 

Wendy has only ever known herself to be a creative person, change being the only constant in her artwork. Throughout the years, she’s explored varying mediums, forms, and revolutions of creativity. No matter the stage, art has always been a large part of her life. She has found and continues to find curiosity in shapes, abstraction, positive and negative space, and objects that have history and grit. Things like, old buildings, ships, and rusted cars.  

Upon learning this, I couldn't help but pause on what I observed to be a spark of synergy. Two sisters. Both finding artistic inspiration, curiosity, and appreciation in metal. Sharp lines. Shapes. Pieces. Parts. 

Is creativity learned or inherited? Nature? Nurture? Like positive and negative space, is it a combination and balance of elements, pieces, parts?

Like a meeting of two studio spaces sharing one wall.



Wendy, can you give us a glimpse into your path? Both creatively and professionally? 

My professional journey has taken many twists and turns as my life has evolved. I have worked in the corporate world, managed a retail store, volunteered extensively and now currently work at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art and the George Marshall Store Gallery and am an artist. Of all of my work, my most important and joyful, has been to be the mom to my son, Nathaniel. I have made choices and decisions along the way to create a balance that works for me and my family.

wendy kaye  in her studio

wendy kaye in her studio

Like Amy, you also have a studio space in the Artist’s Muse in Amesbury, Massachusetts. What has your experience been there for you as an artist? 

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to have a shared creative space that is right next door to my sister’s studio. The distance from York, ME presents some challenges but I love knowing that I have a space to go to create when I am not working at my other jobs. 

So coming from York, Maine, how often are you spending time in your studio? 

During the summer and fall seasons, I try to get there once a week as I am busy at the museum and the gallery. Once winter comes along, my other work slows down and I am able to focus on my creative work. It is very cyclical for me and I find that winter and all that it brings, is a more creative time for me.

untitled by wendy kaye

untitled by wendy kaye

Have you and Amy supported each other's love for art and creativity over the years? 

I have helped Amy a bit with her website and was a cheerleader for her as she began her jewelry business. She has run with it and taken her business to an amazing place. Her creativity, business sense, and drive are an inspiration to me. She is now my cheerleader pushing me to take chances and believe in my work. 

How do think about about your jewelry style? Has it changed as your art has? 

Ever since high school in the 80s, I have loved big earrings. My favorites of Amy’s tend to be the bold ones! I find that over and over I reach for her Kon Dangle earrings

How do you typically wear the Kon Dangles? 

They tend to be my go-to and are the perfect complement to jeans and tees, or something a little funkier. Jewelry has always been something that I have always been drawn to as I usually wear neutral clothing colors and combinations. My personal style is one that easily fits all aspects of my life – whether work or play, I tend to wear the same pieces – and jewelry and scarves add the variety and change with my mood or occasion. 

cloud break by wendy kaye

cloud break by wendy kaye

More information about Wendy and her paintings can be found at

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