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There is an art to capturing the essence of something: a portrait, a landscape, a piece of jewelry. Through the view of a camera lens, a photographer works to communicate a subject’s truth, true nature, original form, and beauty. For the photographer who works to do this, I imagine it to be a fulfilling creative challenge yet, no small feat. 

Jesika Theos is the photographer and visionary behind the product, portrait and brand photography for Amy Vander Els. Jes actually started out in front of the camera, as the model for Amy’s first jewelry catalog in 2017. Since then, Jes and Amy have been working together, supporting each other's creative ventures, collaborating on new ideas in the studio, developing the branding and capturing the essence of Amy’s jewelry.

I was able to witness their collaboration one time while I was working with Amy in the studio, cutting and filing shapes of silver and brass. Amy and Jesika were working on styling some photos for Amy’s latest catalog that she was prepping for a trade show. From my perspective, I saw two badass, female creatives and entrepreneurs on the ground (literally) capturing hot-off-the-soldering-block designs. They each anticipated where the other was going, knew what they wanted to capture, and supported each other throughout the process. I can say confidently that creative sparks were flying. 

Jes, I have to say, I’m now a little relieved that these posts are Q&A format as capturing a capturer feels a little like baking a cake for a baker. You wonder how it tastes for them and if you misread the amount of sugar. 

Was it ¾ or ¼ cup? 

Bon appetit, 



What piece(s) of Amy’s can you be seen wearing, and what do you like to pair them with?
Primarily the Arrow Dangles, Amy's stud earrings and the Liber Necklace.

I like dressing up something casual like jeans and a tee shirt with a statement earring. It takes the whole outfit up a notch. I mostly wear my pieces day to day, but I love that they are versatile and can work both ways.

Is jewelry the first thing you think about or the last thing you adorn with when it comes to outfitting for the day?

It depends; Sometimes I have a piece of jewelry that I really want to create an outfit around on a certain day, and other times I will start with something simple to wear and then feel the need to jazz it up a bit with a piece of jewelry.

You're the photographer behind the photos of Amy's designs and work. What has that experience been like for you? How has it been collaborating with a friend and co-creator?
Amy and I have a similar fluid approach to our creative process, which I love. We will plan a bit headed into a photo shoot but we both like to leave a lot of room for magic to unfold. 

What do you enjoy most about working in the creative field or working as a photographer?
Owning your own creative business comes with its fair share of ups and downs, but you learn to ride the waves and slowly become empowered by sustaining them. I feel very grateful to be doing something that I love that allows me flexibility, quality of life and many creative outlets.

What is your perspective on personal style or design?

It's interesting to think about how my personal style has evolved over the years. Before I invest in something I try to really think through whether I feel it's something I am going to feel excited to wear. I've been working on pairing down the number of things I own to the items that I really love and make me feel like a badass.

Have your jewelry preferences or style changed at all since Amy started designing and making her own? If so, how so?

I like how Amy thinks about design and functionality. She designs pieces that can be worn both out to dinner but also while practicing yoga. I am usually one to take off all my jewelry before I exercise or sleep, but I like the concept of jewelry that can be worn through it all.

How have you and Amy come to know each other? I’m curious to know how you two met…

We met through a mutual friend who introduced us because we were both into jewelry making. At the time, I had just moved to the East Coast and was toying with the idea that might start a jewelry making business. I quickly learned that I would get hung up on the small things in jewelry making and couldn't get past them. So began my search for another creative outlet, where I eventually found photography.

How has your relationship with Amy evolved over the years that you've known her?

Amy is one of the main reasons I felt it was possible to start my own business. I observed her business steadily grow and evolve and it made me feel that it was possible. She has been a enormous source of inspiration and support throughout our friendship.

More information about Jesika and her photography can be found at

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