As Seen On: Kayla Doyle

Hello and welcome to As Seen On.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kayla Doyle. I work as Amy’s studio assistant helping her with general production, wire cutting, beading, and support with other random tasks that need completion. I also help Amy avoid talking about herself by way of taking command of her blog.

I am a curious person. I tend to ask a lot of questions, wonder about various perspectives, and work to understand how another’s shoes feel or rather, how another’s jewelry fits.

And that’s exactly what we will be doing here, in this space. Each month, we will be introducing you to the wearers: customers who have become friends, friend who have become customers. These people have championed her and her work and make all of this so fulfilling for Amy. These individuals may be fellow creators, teachers, mothers, entrepreneurs, people of all kinds. We’ll be sharing small glimpses into their lives. We’ll ask them about themselves, what they wear, and why they love wearing it. We’re calling it As Seen On.


As Seen On: Kayla Doyle

How did you come to meet Amy?

Amy and I met for coffee one morning per the suggestion of my brother, Greg who has come to know Amy and her cappuccino order from working at the Market Square Bakehouse in Amesbury, Mass. We certainly had overlapping passions and an initial great connection and little to my knowledge, I was on a job interview.

Kayla Doyle, The Corus Hoop

Kayla Doyle, The Corus Hoop

Where are you located? Hometown?

After five years of living in Boston, I recently relocated to Newburyport, MA. I grew up in one of the surrounding towns so it certainly feels like a coming home. I love where I live and I feel lucky to say that.

What piece(s) of Amy’s can you be seen wearing?

I can be seen wearing the Corus Hoops. I wear them as an everyday statement. I love the straight lines juxtaposed against the roundness of the circle. They make me feel dressed up and casual, understated yet just statement enough.

Where can you be seen wearing them? Why do you enjoy wearing the Corus Hoops?

In addition to working for Amy, I am also a yoga teacher. I love wearing these earrings for teaching class. Of course, I wear yoga clothing to instruct but I like to show up to my classes in a way that makes me feel confident. It’s important to me that I prepare and dress in a way that communicates to my students that I care about the class and take pride in my role. It is jewelry that communicates a piece of “me” and my style to the world. I also really love that the hoops are mixed metal because it’s hard for me to commit to just one.  

Do you create? What are your passions? Occupation?

In addition to the work that I already mentioned, I am a painter and an artist. Living in Boston and working in the corporate advertising world caused me to drift away from my art for almost five years. I am now reconnecting back to charcoal and watercolor mediums. This began for me at 10 years old when I began taking watercolor lessons with my art teacher, Joan Gessner. Time with her was (and still is) special to me. Years ago, my lessons with Joan began and took place in the same space where I now work for Amy. Full circle, you could say.

What would you say to someone who feels a motivation to create something but isn’t quite sure how?

Simply begin.


If you or someone you know wears Amy’s pieces and is interested in being featured, please reach out to us. We’d love to learn more about you and what you wear.